Omni-Channel Restaurant Software solution

Future ready Restaurant Software with a Mobile-First focus

Seamless, consistent service in a Restaurant is a critical component to drive Customer Satisfaction. Today, Customers use multiple touchpoints to order from a Restaurant. They search for the menu on search engines, view the menu at a different platform, order on a mobile app & pay in-store.

For a smooth digital experience, these touchpoints must work together as a cohesive unit. Viandd provides an OmniChannel solution for Restaurants by integrating all the touchpoints like Online Ordering on Mobile & Web, POS, Delivery, Payment & Actionable Analytics to aid strategies across all channels, into a single unified platform.

Why OmniChannel?
OmniChannel Restaurant Software on Cloud

Restaurant Solutions

  • Mobile Ordering App for Business and Customer
  • Web Ordering
  • Cloud ePOS
  • Analytics and Business Insights
  • Inventory Control
  • Administrative Console
  • Marketing Management
Mobile Ordering App for Restaurants

Smart & Intuitive Branded Mobile Apps

Feature-rich, customer-centric Apps to spice up Restaurant profits

The closest you can get to your customers is through their mobile phone. A branded mobile app for your Restaurant with additional features not only helps you create a branded digital identity but also boosts restaurant profits.

Eliminate third party aggregators from eating up your profits for online ordering. Get a branded app customized at less than half the cost!

Available in multiple languages

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Cloud ePOS

Next generation POS to elevate customer engagement

It's time to ditch the traditional, bulky POS systems. Upgrade to a modern e-POS that can work on any device, incorporated with advanced features that enhance customer experience.

Never worry about your POS crashing or power failure ever again. Host your POS on a robust Cloud platform and watch as your business grows.

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Cloud POS for Restaurants
Analytics for Restaurants

Intelligent Restaurant Analytics

360° view of Customers & Order patterns

Get complete control over your business. Track & monitor detailed information about ordering activity from multiple outlets to individual outlet performance.

Make better informed decisions and drive greater efficiency from a Single dashboard for 'n' number of outlets.

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Restaurant Administration Console

Integrated live store monitoring

Everything from start to finish to operate your Restaurant remotely. Anything from Billing to Inventory, Store management to Customer engagement.

Restaurant Management from front-of-house to back-of-house, at your fingertips.

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Restaurant Admin Console Software

The Viandd Value

Viandd delivers a unique value to Restaurants by creating a niche Digital Brand. Regain the identity lost in transition when dependent on 3P's for online ordering engagement.

The Value in bringing your customers, orders and profits directly to your table is second-to-none.

  • Your Technology Partner.
  • Impacts Revenue by atleast 20%

  • State-of-the-art Software.
  • Eliminates human intervention within business process further saving costs

  • External System Integration.
  • Improves Operational Efficiency by upto 15%

  • All-round Business Growth.
  • Provides deep insights for next-best business actions through Analytics

  • Builds your Digital Presence.
  • Nurtures Online Transactions.
  • Engages Customers.
  • Dedicated Support.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
Restaurant Software with a Mobile-First focus

SaaS Restaurant Software

No Initial Cost of Ownership, No Contracts, No Hidden Fees.

Mobile Ordering for Restaurants

Mobile Ordering App

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Restaurant ePOS

Restaurant ePOS

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Analytics and Business Insights

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