Zaffrani Biryani – What is in it??

Zaffrani Biryani

Zaffrani Biryani Hyderabadis love their Biryani & Zaffrani Biryani or Zaffrani Pulao is a dish that is a pride of Mughlai cuisine. What is so special in a Zaffrani Biryani you might be wondering?  The ingredients that go in a dish are what makes or breaks a dish.  And, Zaffrani, which is said to be the favorite of Nizam who were big […]

How to manage Restaurants effectively?

Restaurant Managment

Managing a Restaurant is no layman’s task & remains the most important aspect of running a good Restaurant. It is complex, requires good analytical skills & also some basic understanding of how to keep your customers happy.  Although Good Food is what will drive your customers to your restaurant, management is also a key factor to bring loyalty in customers. If the business […]

Why do I need an app for my business?


Digital Trends in Restaurants With an increase in the number of delivery & take-away orders for small eat-in joints or food trucks over the past few years.  Teaming up with online ordering systems for delivery is an option mostly heard of.  But, did you know that there is much more to getting on to these 3rd party online ordering systems?  The commission fees are […]

Go digital!


Small entrepreneurs in India have successfully been able to deliver to domestic markets, but unable to scale up their business because of limited capital and more importantly the reach & cost to get on to the digital platform. These entrepreneurs have deep rooted domain / business acumen, but are not tech savvy and don’t visualize the digital trends for their growth […]