How to use Facebook for my restaurant?

Facebook is a wonderful platform to reach out to customers.  Ever since Facebook started, it has brought multiple ways to reach new people around the globe.  Some have found long last friends and even, lost family members through this amazing platform that connects millions.

For Restaurant businesses, it is a must to have a Facebook page to maintain regular interactions with their customers, it is hard to find someone who is not on Facebook.  There are also as many Restaurant “pages” on Facebook, and in order for your brand to stand out of them, get your digital plan right with what works and what doesn’t on Facebook.

Make a connection:

Social media is all about connecting.  Make a connection with your customers and post what they want to see from you.  Think like a customer, speak their language.  Create posts relevant to your brand.  Encourage your customers to review your brand and talk about it.

Reviews and “About Us”:

Facebook with its billion users, is also a place where people like to know more about a brand.  Most users admit they use Facebook to research a product or company to get some inside information.  By reading about the brand, they see what others have to say about it, check the number of visits, assess popularity and much more.  Encourage users to write reviews for your brand on Facebook.  Both positive and negative reviews.  Respond with appreciation for positive reviews and for negative reviews, consider their concern and provide a feasible solution. But, always respond.

Information about your brand:

With a billion users using Facebook every day and, multiple times a day, it’s hard to ignore this biggie on social media.  People are on Facebook more than any other social media tool and is a great showcase for your brand to reach those billions.  Provide accurate and true information about your brand, include business hours, menu, philosophy of your brand (you can share a great story if you have one), locations & photos, the idea is to inspire visitors to walk in to your store.

Events and promotions:

If you are hosting a live match in your Sports Bar or running an event for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, post it on Facebook.  You can directly target your reach to people who are interested in your events & show them “ads” or your postings.  If you are running a promotional event to celebrate your brand’s 5th anniversary, Facebook is the place to spread the word.


A good picture speaks more than a few words, take good quality pictures of yummy dishes cooked in your restaurant and post it on your Facebook page.  It is food porn for people who love food and, is there anyone that doesn’t?


Videos are a big thing today, create short informative videos, they could be short videos of live cooking from your kitchen or, a chef talking about his favorite dish or a quick review shot from your customers.  Videos are interactive and a fun way to reach your audience.  Allow customers to post videos and share photos on your Facebook page.

Marketing through Facebook:

Facebook is also a powerful tool to market for your restaurant without the additional cost.  It is relatively cheaper than many other alternatives both, traditional and digital and you have the option of targeting only the audience you wish your brand to be shown to.  Facebook also allows you targeting based on pin code and interests.

However, every restaurant has its identity, make sure you stand by your brand image with every Facebook post.   Have a solid marketing plan for your restaurant and if necessary, tweak changes into the plan from time-to-time.  And, if you don’t know where and how to start, you are already at the right place 🙂