Online branding vs 3rd party ordering for a restaurant

Popular online ordering channels like Zomato & Swiggy are rapidly expanding their business.  Online ordering is growing faster than dine-in & bringing in more money as customers spend about 23% more on online or mobile orders.  Restaurants also benefit tremendously by integrating with 3rd party online ordering systems.

Over the long run, these online ordering channels become 3rd party\ies when Restaurateurs lose a huge chunk of profits to them.  As sales increase, payout rates or commission fees also increase.  Some cases, the per-order fees increase to up to 20%!  That is a large margin cut from the total net gain for a Restaurant.

Having an in-house online ordering system on a website or a mobile is growing popular as more & more Restaurants have started to realize that they are not getting to eat their piece of cake.  3rd party ordering channels also are hopping on to online branding, making the delivery system more competitive.

Online Branding for Restaurants

Having an in-house ordering system is no longer a dream to achieve like it was a couple of years ago.  There are many software service providers that can integrate your online ordering with a direct Point of Sale to your Restaurant.  Online order integration for Restaurant POS comes at a heavy cost to ownership, but mobile makes it affordable & provides easy access on-the-go.

One low monthly cost.

Take complete control of your business.  Never having to worry again about what happens to your order after it walks out of the door.  As a restaurateur, you might have questions like:  Did the order reach on time?  Was the food delivered while hot?  How was the delivery guy, did he take responsibility for the order delivered?  Was the correct order delivered?  Did the customer like their order?  It could be endless!  With a mobile ordering system integrated on cloud, all orders are received on mobile.  Device agnostic apps make it convenient for a restaurateur to manage orders remotely from anywhere in the world.

Protect your margins.

You must, they belong to you!  Once your business starts selling more on in-house ordering, profits increase & you may completely stop paying large profit pay-outs to 3rd parties altogether.

Customer data.

Restaurant can collect crucial customer data by branding online.  When customers order on your platform, their email id, phone number & order patterns can be recorded & is invaluable information to a Restaurant.  Create a customized experience for your guests with that data & keep the customer communication simple yet effective.

Should you eliminate 3rd party altogether?

It might not be necessary!  3rd party ordering channels give your business exposure to the outside world.  A restaurant is easily recognized by many that are already making good use of their services.  In-house ordering on mobile with online branding can accompany 3rd party ordering channels as long as you are winning your share of the online business market.  3rd party ordering channels can act like a direct marketing channel to your business but without proper handling of orders & processes, net profits will take its toll.

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