Inventory Management for Food & Restaurant Industry

Inventory Management on a Cloud platform helps maintain Restaurant operations from anywhere

Intuitive inventory management platform designed to optimize and streamline Back of House restaurant operations. Cloud-based SaaS platform features online purchasing, automatic inventory notifications, raw material forecast, real-time costing and POS integration.

Manage inventory, arrange delivery, stay connected with departments in different areas


Affordable and robust Inventory Management solution scales with the business

Oversee multiple store locations, track inventory from suppliers, automatically reorder products, print and scan products, use multi-payment gateways and create multilevel work orders all with a no installation and easy set-up Inventory Management system.

                                Inventory Control


Inventory Control

Inventory Management features:

Mobile Apps on iOS and Android

Manage orders from suppliers and vendors from Mobile App. Multiple suppliers and vendors can be tracked and easily contacted for new orders and payments. Keep track of the supplies provided by each supplier and track your purchase history and availability with easy to use Mobile Apps on iOS or Android.

In App purchase of Raw materials from Wholesalers & Suppliers

Purchasing raw materials and ingredients for your business is made easier. The entire process from contacting a supplier to ordering to making payments and tracking supplies can be managed by Viandd Inventory Management Solution.

Automatic Inventory Management

Setting inventory stock levels enables automatic notifications for low stock or inventory. Manage raw materials in the inventory by setting the perishable date and notify the kitchen to use the stock. Set re-order levels for inventory and enable automatic re-ordering with preferred suppliers.

Invoice and Credit Tracking

Track previous payments with suppliers and automatic make payments to regular suppliers. track invoice payments and supplies sent. Track credit history and manage all vendors from one place.

Pre-Order Management and Discount tracking

Pre-ordering low stock inventory or stock that is used most is always a good decision for busy businesses. With pre-ordering it is made easy. make the best use of discounts provided by suppliers and pre-order at the right time without having to worry about going out-of-stock.

Raw material forecast based on ML & Analytics

Get valuable insights about what items in the inventory are used most and where it is being used with Machine Learning(ML). Information about what menu items are frequently ordered vs what raw materials in the inventory is most used assist in strategic decision making.

Real-time Food Costing

Compare your food costs with the purchase of raw materials in real-time. Align your raw material purchase to real-time food costing to increase sales. This feature provides the lineage of Raw Materials to finished goods to the orders received by the customers.

Point of Sales Integration

Integration of POS system with your Inventory Management makes it easy for employees to track inventory from the front-of-house. Employees get real-time information on inventory in stock. Never take orders from your customers for out-of-stock menu.

Waste Management & Control

Controlling inventory also comes with challenges on reducing wastage. Waste reduction is an important aspect of wisely managing sales. Reduce the costs associated with extra inventory in stock by forecasting your food costs based on sales forecasts and historical consumption patterns.

Promotions and Push Notifications

Get promotions and push notifications directly to your mobile from your suppliers and vendors. Communicating with other businesses is extremely reliable and efficient with Viandd's Inventory Management solution.

Multiple stores are easier to manage with Viandd’s Inventory Management system.  A single view solution aggregates data from multiple store locations and presents through a Central Dashboard.

The store manager can manage all aspects of a business from the Central Dashboard from Inventory to Sales and Customers.  Customer and Sales are two sides of the coin, Viandd Inventory Management allows you to make better decisions to improve and grow sales.


Single view of Customers

Get an aggregated, consistent and holistic representation of customer data
A single view of all your customer's from multiple stores provides an improved perception, intelligence and process efficiency leading to better customer service, better customer knowledge, better reputation.

Single view of Inventory

Single view of inventory & stock helps optimize supply chain decisions, eliminate duplicate products and cut costs for manufacturing. Real-time status of current stock, pricing and location enables you to centrally procure the raw materials and allocate efficiently as per the demand of a store.

Single view of Suppliers & Vendors

Build efficient purchase processes with right sizing purchases and transactions. Get insights on the suppliers – their price history, variations in delivery time and committed delivery, material quality, transaction and connected supplier information which are important to achieve tracking from purchase-to-pay

Single view of Sales

Single view of Sales provides connected views of customers, products purchased, supply chain logistics, pricing history. This information is critical in making sales and demand/supply forecasting. Sales pipeline identification & helps in optimizing the supply chain and delivery.