Point of Sale (POS) for Restaurants

Restaurant (POS) Point of Sale

Viandd POS is a Restaurant POS system built on Cloud. Designed to work on any device, from anywhere in the world.
Bid goodbye to human errors in order taking & slow service with state-of-the-art Viandd POS for all types of Restaurants.

It is everything your business needs.

Boost Sales and Productivity
For all types of Restaurants

Restaurant POS on Cloud

Device Agnostic – Online or Offline

Restaurant POS Cloud



Never worry about bad internet connection or a power outage.

Viandd’s cloud-based ‘device agnostic’ POS brings your store with you and works on the device it is enabled on. 

Hosted on a cloud server, Viandd POS saves all your data locally & on cloud ensuring reliability offline. 

Once your internet connection comes back, your saved data is synced back up to the cloud.

Multiple Payment Methods



Attach a credit card reader to Viandd POS and you are ready to take payments on the go. 

Multiple payment gateway integration in the POS can accept cash, credit cards, debit cards and other payments like UPI, Wallets, NetBanking, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.   

POS integrated with Inventory

Restaurant POS with Inventory Management


Viandd POS is integrated with the Inventory system simplifying inventory tracking, control & management. 

Notifications will be sent when menu items or ingredients in the pantry are running low, so your customers never face disappointment over ordering out-of-stock menu items.  

Real-time sales reports help in tracking inventory levels and allowing you to refill your inventory based on real-time ordering.

Communication & Analytics

Restaurant POS with Communication & Analytics


Viandd POS system greatly improves communication among front and back-of-house operations.  Orders can be sent directly from the table to the kitchen, eliminating errors while order taking altogether. 

Analytics & reporting feature is integrated to your cloud-based POS to remotely track sales, cost of goods and profits over time.  Check the most sold menu item or track the quickly used stock in the inventory, align sales to match your purchases, or assess turnover rates & store performance. 

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