Staying ahead in the world of cutting edge Technology to meet the needs of consumers with speed, reliability & most importantly quality is the main motivator behind embracing advanced technological methodologies in the Restaurant industry.   But meeting these needs without breaking the budget is a challenge most F&B businesses face.

Technology in Restaurants must deliver with Speed & Quality on a low budget

I won’t be impressed with Technology until I can download FOOD,

said Bill Murray.  Millennials are always on the lookout for new technologies & trends.  They are the most sought-after consumers and dine out frequently than any other target consumers.  They look for quality of food and, speed in service at affordable costs.   The trend of dining out every weekend puts pressure on the industry to stay competitive and, technological trends on the other hand are finding new ways to meet these demands.

Innovative cooking methods & new delivery options are easily available & help businesses manage service, food quality, labor – all in a budget.  Space is a huge constraint in today’s world & the shift to technology maximizes efficiency without having the need to own a large business area.  The idea of having one employee doing multiple tasks like taking orders on mobile phones, to cooking on a fancy gadget, to delivering the order without having to leave the kitchen is an art that some businesses have silently adapted to.

Automation is vital 

Automating these processes can save on cost & labor, but the human interaction is also kept intact by serving a personalized consumer experience.  Smart equipment’s & intuitive software solutions tremendously benefit the use of technology in restaurants.  It is now easier to train new employees to use these software solutions & equipment’s.  Staff efficiency greatly increases opening doors to new consumers by the hour.

Technological advances for the industry

Take for instance the POS system designed to be used on any device.  Employees with little to no knowledge of technology can handle orders from a touch screen.  Digital Point of Sale minimizes manual errors in order taking & enhances user experience by encouraging a stress-free interaction with the consumer.  Automatic linking with the inventory system in the kitchen notifies the employee on out-of-stock items immediately without checking from the kitchen.   Table reservation feature in Viandd’s m-Commerce is another great tool that reduce reservation challenges with automated reservations at a click and swipe.  Again, the human element is maintained by showing the available times & tables on customer mobile phones!

Studies have shown that “85% of customers searching for restaurant options on the go make a purchase”

Not to forget, payment processing.  The most used invention by the businesses & the consumers alike are online payment processing.  Cash is not the main transaction maker; credit cards, payment gateways etc know how to get money out of your wallet without even trying!  For businesses, integration with payment gateways are a blessing as they will never lose a customer who does not carry cash.


Restaurants must willingly embrace the trends in technology without losing the human touch to effectively enhance their customer service & experience.  Viandd provides affordable software solutions for food & restaurant businesses that are looking to adapt to technology.