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3rd party ordering or in-house online ordering system?

3rd party ordering vs online branding

Online branding vs 3rd party ordering for a restaurant Popular online ordering channels like Zomato & Swiggy are rapidly expanding their business.  Online ordering is growing faster than dine-in & bringing in more money as customers spend about 23% more on online or mobile orders.  Restaurants also benefit tremendously by integrating with 3rd party online ordering systems. Having an in-house online ordering […]

Zaffrani Biryani – What is in it??

Zaffrani Biryani

Zaffrani Biryani Hyderabadis love their Biryani & Zaffrani Biryani or Zaffrani Pulao is a dish that is a pride of Mughlai cuisine. What is so special in a Zaffrani Biryani you might be wondering?  The ingredients that go in a dish are what makes or breaks a dish.  And, Zaffrani, which is said to be the favorite of Nizam who were big […]