Digital Trends in Restaurants

With an increase in the number of delivery & take-away orders for small eat-in joints or food trucks over the past few years.  Teaming up with online ordering systems for delivery is an option mostly heard of.  But, did you know that there is much more to getting on to these 3rd party online ordering systems?  The commission fees are heavy & bear down the profits for businesses in the long run.

Restaurant industry with highest turnover rates is spread across Large scale & Small to Medium businesses.  As discussed in the earlier post, it is the need of the hour to go digital & most of the SMB’s do not consider it their cup of tea due to unavailability of capital or resource.

In this post, we emphasize on WHY it is important to go digital and HOW a mobile app, as a first step can elevate a business.

Why app?

In the food & restaurant industry, increased sales & maximized profits are difficult to attain.  To stay afloat, the industry will have to grasp on to the evolving trends that impact customer behavior altogether.  Changes must be evidently seen not only in online restaurant ordering but in all stages of restaurant management.

Going DIGITAL will greatly expand a business without thinking of a real physical expansion!  Digitizing a restaurant platform will contribute in bringing down cost of labor & eliminating the cost of owning a large floor space for a growing restaurant.

Go Mobile Restaurant

Big chains & restaurants who embraced the digital approach in early stages of innovation, have seen a huge expansion in digital markets and attribute their success to mobile apps!

A mobile app makes it easy for the customer in decision making to ordering & from delivery to payment, all available at fingertips.  Ordering food to enjoy at the leisure of your home clearly defines the convenience of interaction on a digital platform.

How to do it?

Capitalizing on the digital trends is the best bet the industry can take up.  It is no longer a dream too far to achieve irrespective of the size & type of business.

Viandd not only focuses on building a mobile app but provides a complete solution for e-commerce at affordable costs.  We roll out mobile apps on cloud infrastructure in a subscription based model for Android & iOS in less than a week!

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