Zaffrani Biryani

Hyderabadis love their Biryani & Zaffrani Biryani or Zaffrani Pulao is a dish that is a pride of Mughlai cuisine.

What is so special in a Zaffrani Biryani you might be wondering?  The ingredients that go in a dish are what makes or breaks a dish.  And, Zaffrani, which is said to be the favorite of Nizam who were big foodies like you & me, is no exception!

Zaffrani or Zafrani is said to have originated in the 16th century.  The dish is rarely prepared & includes a variety of flavors & spices cooked to please palates.   It is either cooked with Chicken or Mutton & Saffron, is a must in Zaffrani Biryani.   Experts who cook this rice dish will definitely tell you that the key in getting the authentic flavor of the dish is in adding the right ingredients at the right time!

If you are a person that craves for Biryanis at all hours of the day.  Then this exquisite dish is a must try.  Not many restaurants serve this dish due to the complexity of getting it right, Viandd has a list of a couple of restaurants that serve this exotic dish if you are in Hyderabad.

Zaffrani Biryani House in Gachibowli area is a must try.  The restaurant serves the most exclusive gastronomic delights for Foodies.

If you do try out their Biryani, please leave a comment to let us know how you like it!