Leverage Customer Information

Improve Retention & Customer Loyalty
with Predictive Analysis and increase ROI

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Customized Dashboard with valuable data from all channels delivered to your inbox

Restaurant Analytics with customer data

Breakdown of data based on menu categorization

Weekly or Monthly sales performance reports

Most profitable sales by store locations

Best performing Restaurant staff

Real-time Analytics & Business Insights

Actionable Insights for businesses delivered to your inbox. Understand what your customers like, their purchase patterns, sales per store, most favorited items, most used stock in inventory, cost of goods projects (COGS).

Interactive analytics platform allows you to track business insights from all Customer touchpoints like Ordering App, Store Monitor app, Cloud POS, Inventory.

All important data that your Restaurant needs to drive better sales and influence your business decisions

Restaurant Analytics with customer data

Benefits of Restaurant Analytics

Gather data about your customers, turn that data into insights, and place those insights into action.

In-App Push Notifications

With invaluable customer data send push notifications to enable them to make faster purchase decision & increase customer loyalty

Discounts & Offers

Send discounts to customers at the time of purchase via push notifications or embed special offers in app based on previous customer activity.

Email Campaigns

Reach your customers on their email with attractive coupons or information about your business. Keep in touch with your customers with improved communication.

Celebrate with your Customers

Customer data like their birth date, special occasions are recorded at sign-up. Ask us how we can help you connect with your customers to improve retention & loyalty.

Valuable Insights

Most Ordered Dishes, Most Ordered Customers, Monthly Active Users, User Growth, Top Delivery Locations, Business growth over time, Cost of Goods Projections, Inventory Analysis & much more collected across multiple platforms.

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