Restaurant POS Software on Cloud

Complete Restaurant Management System

Viandd Restaurant POS Software on Cloud is not just any POS (Point of Sale) terminal,
it is an ALL-IN-ONE solution designed to handle END-TO-END Restaurant operations.

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360° solution

on a futuristic interface with a centralized fulfillment platform

All the tools your Restaurant needs to access 1 to 100+ stores

where your Consumers, Partners, Employees, Suppliers are all accessible in one place.

Restaurant POS Software on Cloud

from a SINGLE device

Viandd Restaurant POS Software on Cloud is also available as individual subscription packages.
So you can buy only the feature your business needs and pay for just that!


Getting online orders from multiple aggregators?

Viandd integrates all your online orders from multiple channels on to a single dashboard.
The best part is that you can control every single order from your Complete Restaurant Management system.

Restaurant POS Software on Cloud


Increase efficiency of order flow from front-of-house to back-of-house.

Viandd makes it extremely easy to order in-store from your device.
Enabling customers to order at their table, Stewards to receive orders and process payments or at the take-away or pick-up counter.

Restaurant POS Software on Cloud


Payment processing at your fingertips.

The ease at which you can settle payments from Delivery to Stewards gives you control of all your orders from multiple channels.
Allow your customers to pay via Cash, Card, Wallets, Google Pay or just about any payment gateway.

Restaurant POS Software on Cloud


Access valuable business data across multiple stores.

We will generate reports of all your orders across all channels & across all stores on your Cloud POS.
You can pull reports old & new, analyze sales to improve your revenue and bottom line.

Restaurant POS Software on the Cloud


Take control of your Inventory and manage Suppliers.

Order stock for your Inventory, order from your favorite Suppliers.
Save Recipes, view Food Costs, manage Waste all from your all-in-one Viandd Cloud POS dashboard.

Restaurant POS Software on Cloud


Are you spending too much time on routine tasks that can be fully automated?

Free up your employee’s time by streamlining all operations on your Cloud POS.
Say goodbye to inaccurate order taking and increase efficiency in workflows across the floor.

Restaurant POS Software on Cloud

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