Integrated Omni Channel Experience

Omni Channel in Restaurants ensures that your customers are able to make purchases
using multiple methods, that are seamless and consistent.

Boost Sales with Omni Channel

Expediting Cross-Channel Functionality

Front-of-house to Back-of-house, Offline to Online Restaurant operations under one roof

Combining multiple touchpoints within the Restaurant Ecosystem

Viandd Omni-Channel Platform(VOCP) is a Food & Hospitality industry focused Comprehensive solution with a mobile-first focus that digitally integrates three key strategies in Restaurant eCommcerce - Online Ordering, On-Premise Ordering and Partner Integrations.

Enterprises that deploy an omnichannel strategy offer higher Customer Satisfaction by decreasing the processing time and increasing order accuracy.

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Omni-Channel Restaurant Solution

Enhanced Business to Customer interaction

Delivering the best Customer Experience is of utmost importance in a Restaurant industry. When operating as a Digital entity, multiple technologies must cohesively perform to catch up with the service provided in-store.

While focusing on Customer individuality, creating a personalized digital experience is dependent on how effortlessly an enterprise operates between the offline & online channels.

VOCP orchestrates the ecosystem forging deeper Customer relationships.

omnichannel restaurant B2C interaction

A smarter way to connect with Customers

Independently functional components in VOCP create value to Customers at every point of time and monetize the B2C interaction.

Order Fulfillment through a Mobile App provides flexibility to order from anywhere for pick-up or door delivery. Online Brand Identity acheieved with a custom user interface is incomparable to the traditional methods of calling in to order or even the online aggregator ordering methods.

The menu-based ordering layout and multiple payment options in the App collects invaluable Customer information which is further analysed to study sales patterns & customer behaviour. Intelligent Analytics maximizes productivity optimally utilizing the Online Ordering resources.

Updates to menu, prices, store updates, event notifications can be done at real-time and, sent as push notifications to Customers. Customer retention rates increase with effective Loyalty & Feedback Management.

The Impact of Digital Evolution on B2B

For inter-department, inter-store, inter-business or vendor/supplier interaction, the digital process becomes more elaborate and requires that each of these digital activities work in alignment. From identifying technology needs and facilitating decisions to connecting multiple businesses, VOCP establishes a holistic and frictionless solution.

Consolidated B2B data from multiple departments like Inventory, Suppliers, Products, Customers and Sales is presented on a Central Dashboard in a Single View Application.

Calculating food costs, quality control for supplies, procurement & storage, efficient planning & tracking of any variations in pricing from vendor bills can be effortlessly managed from VOCP's Cloud-based application.

Omnichannel bridging the B2B gap for Restaurants

VOCP combines the following Comprehensive functional components & operates as seamless Omni-Channel solution for Restaurants

  • On-Premise Ordering
  • Online Ordering on Mobile & Web
  • Device Agnostic Point of Sale
  • Third-party integrations
  • Multiple Payment options
  • Business Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Push Notifications
  • Menu Management
  • Stock Management
  • Waste Management
  • Discounts & Offers Management
  • Logistics/Delivery Management
  • Store Management with Inter-department connectivity
  • Employee Schedules
  • Digital Branding

Viandd digitizes all components of a Restaurant ecosystem such as to enable consistency & cohesiveness in operations. Partner applications are also integrated in a secure and a robust Cloud environment, thus providing a competitive edge.

Omnichannel Restaurant operations empowers guests both on and off-premises, reduces order-taking responsibility, increases revenue and achieve sustained business growth.

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5 Benefits of operating as a Omni-Channel for Restaurants

1. Consolidating multiple channels

After the paradigm shift in Digitization, Restaurants are operating as multi-channel with POS, Online Ordering, Delivery tracking & other strategies arriving from multiple vendors. Viandd integrates all these parties and focuses on delivering a consistent experience to both the end user & the Business Owner.

2. Increased operational efficiency

Bringing together all entities in a Restaurant system is a tedious process & must be performed in optimal time to ensure seamlessness, especially when involved with third parties. Omni-Channel overcomes all the restraints involved in the multi-channel system, thereby ensuring operational efficiency & increase in turnover rates.

3. Boosts employee productivity

Automatic updates to Inventory are available directly to the Kitchen & Steward. This encourages a confident atmosphere while attending to guests & improves Customer Satisfaction even during busy times.

4. Payment Integration

Millenials & Gen Z expect multiple options to pay while ordering on web, mobile or in-store. Mobile Payments & Bill Splitting using multiple methods like Cash, Cards, UPI, Wallet, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay offers simplicity to Customers.

5. Mobile Cloud POS

Replacing Legacy POS systems with Cloud POS on Mobile or Tablet enables Restaurant order taking to move with the Steward instead of having Customers wait in queue to place an order first and then, make a payment at a different terminal.

Viandd Omni-Channel Solution is suitable for Industry Types

Casual & Fine-Dine Restaurants, Cafe & Bakery, Food Trucks, Hotels, Hospitality & Healthcare, Spa & Salon

Casual & Fine-Dine
Mobile Food Trucks
Hotel Management
Hospitality Management
Spas & Salons

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